Own a piece from crypto history

About us

The CryptoMemories project is made by a small Hungarian team. We are crypto-enthusiasts since 2016 and also running the biggest Cryptocurrency trading group and news media in Hungary, called Cryptofalka. Our designer came from the world of game development and the film industry. His signature as a graphic artist and art director is recorded in several internationally known and acclaimed productions.

Project Overview

The aim of our NFT collection

We create a new NFT when the price of Bitcoin hits a new all-time high. All of these NFT arts are unique and represent the actual market events at the time of the new ATH. By owning an NFT, you can have a small piece of the Crypto history. Make a good investment with Bitcoin, while you are a proud CryptoMemories NFT owner. The only NFT with real investment utility pegged to the leading cryptocurrency.

The roadmap of our project

Our starter NFT collection will make a memory for the current Bitcoin bull market (2020-2021). In parallel with this, we are going to create new NFT-s in case of new Bitcoin All-Time Highs. For the ATH-s before 2020 we will create a "retro collection" in the future.

NFT utility

Up to 60% of the NFT mint prices are separated into the CryptoMemories treasury and swapped to Bitcoin. If the Bitcoin price hits the next crucial All Time High, the increased value of the treasury is distributed to NFT holders. The first snapshot of the redistribution will be at the new Bitcoin ATH at 70 000$. Further snapshots will be decided by NFT holders. More info about our utilities in our whitepaper!

The unique design of CryptoMemories NFT

In the design of our NFT-s, we are not using any algorithm, all of these NFT arts are created one by one by our professional designer. Therefore the scarcity of our NFT-s are especially high. We only have hundreds of NFT-s instead of thousands, like in other NFT projects. We create quality instead of masses.

The blockchain behind our NFT-s

Our NFT project is living on the Solana blockchain, which is user-friendly, fast, and has low fees. Do not worry if you are not familiar with Solana, we will help you out in everything if you would like to own one from our NFT collection.

CryptoMemories NFT-s are specially designed to be compatible with social media NFT profiles

On Twitter we could already use NFT-s as profile pictures and all of the other social media will follow them in this. Our NFT-s are exclusively designed to be compatible with these features. Could you imagine owning the NFT which represents the memory of 1 BTC = 100 000$ and using it as a social profile picture? Yes, that would be awesome.


Before mint
Creation of the fundamentals
Discord and social media accounts
CryptoMemories whitepaper
Cryptomemories.io website
CryptoMemories NFT sneak peeks
Collection of the important events at the Bitcoin ATH-s
Digital studio in the metaverse
Project audit by Rug Pull Finder
CryptoMemories online auction house
Global marketing campaign starts one month before private mint
Private mint
Whitelist sales (60 NFT, 50% Discount)
Weekly NFT auctions start for Whitelisted members
50% discount from the base price
Up to 60% of the NFT mint prices are separated into the treasury and swapped to Bitcoin
Referral activity is the requirement to get your whitelist
Public mint
Public NFT sales (150 NFT) and airdrops (10 NFT)
Weekly NFT auctions start for Public members
0% discount from the base price
Up to 60% of the NFT mint prices are separated into the treasury and swapped to Bitcoin
Community games and airdrops for NFT holders
After mint
Proud and beneficiary NFT holders
Redistribution of the increased treasury value at the new Bitcoin ATH at 70 000$
50% of the royalties separated for DAO wallet (NFT raffle, Treasury increase...)
NFT project analyses and investment tips
Exclusive access to mint our “NFT Flex stuffs”
Free entry to our physical and metaverse NFT galleries
NFT owners shape our project by voting on the most important decisions (Further snapshots, collections, royalties)
20 NFT minted for the CryptoMemories team

How can I buy a CryptoMemories NFT?

The first step is to set up a Solana-compatible wallet like Phantom. After that, you should fill up your digital wallet with Solana (SOL) and visit one of the NFT marketplaces where CryptoMemories NFT-s are available. If you have any questions or need more instructions, hop into our Discord server and we will be happy to walk you through the process.