Frequently asked questions

When do you release a new NFT?

Our starter NFT collection will make a memory for the current Bitcoin bull market (2020-2021). In parallel with this, we are going to create new NFT-s in case of new Bitcoin All-Time Highs. All of these NFT arts are unique and represent the actual market events at the time of the new ATH

What are the utilities of a CryptoMemories NFT?

Up to 60% of the NFT mint prices are separated into the CryptoMemories treasury and swapped to Bitcoin. If the Bitcoin price hits the next crucial All Time High, the increased value of the treasury is distributed to NFT holders. The first snapshot of the redistribution will be at the new Bitcoin ATH at 70 000$. Further snapshots will be decided by NFT holders.

CryptoMemories utility EN
CryptoMemories utility EN

How can I get an NFT from your collection?

Short, you will need a Solana compatible digital wallet and some Solana (SOL). You could also participate in our whitelist program to get the first NFT-s for reduced price.

How to get whitelisted? How to join the private sale?

If you want to get your NFT as soon as you want, you need to help the community with some easy referral tasks. In exchange, whitelisted investors have a chance to buy an NFT from CryptoMemories with a 50% discount from the base price! Join our discord for more info

CryptoMemories NFT distribution
CryptoMemories NFT distribution

How do I join the private CryptoMemories NFT group?

If you own at least one CryptoMemories NFT, new private channels would be available for you on Discord! You can share your special memories there, but you can also vote on important questions of our project

Is there a tool to view holder statistics?

Yes! First, you should connect your wallet to our webpage and after that, you could get on the leaderboard

Which blockchain is behind our NFT-s?

Our NFT project is living on the Solana blockchain, which is user-friendly, fast, and has low fees. Do not worry if you are not familiar with Solana, we will help you out with everything if you would like to own one from our NFT collection

How can I check the rarity of the NFT-s?

We have Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary NFT-s, but you can find more details on our Discord

CryptoMemories Originals - Rarities
CryptoMemories Originals - Rarities

Which wallet is supported for our NFT-s?

Phantom, Sollet, or SolFlare Wallets are supported for our project. We prefer Phantom wallet. For the introduction of Phantom wallet you can find a pretty detailed video from Boxmining and Gemmy here: (from 2:40 in the video)

Where can I find your project on the internet?

We are obviously all over on the net: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, but even on TikTok

How can I reach the team?

In case of any question do not hesitate to contact our team on Discord or by email:

Where can I see my purchased NFT-s?

Your purchased NFT-s will be visible in your Solana-specific wallet like Phantom. Just click on the collectibles tab

Where can I check the Discord leaderboard or my Discord rank?

The Discord leaderboard from the Xp points could be found here: You can check your own rank with the following command: /rank YourDiscordName Eg: /rank Rolex

How can I support the community?

The biggest support for us is if you tell your friends about our community and if you share our NFT-s on the net. We appreciate that and also reward you with huge discounts at our private sale. More info also on Discord

How to get whitelisted and participate in the private sale?

We are not only creating NFT collections but building a huge community where crypto and NFT enthusiasts could chat endlessly about their favorite topics. We reward our members with huge discounts if they help us in this process.

CryptoMemories whitelist english
CryptoMemories whitelist english