Terms and Conditions

CryptoMemories is a collection of digital artworks (NFTs) running on the Solana network. Users are entirely responsible for the safety and management of their own private Solana wallets and validating all transactions and contracts. Furthermore, as CryptoMemories NFT-s are running on the Solana blockchain, there is no ability to undo, reverse, or restore any transactions. By using this website you are accepting sole responsibility for all transactions involving CryptoMemories digital collectibles.

  • Be aware that there are scammers with fake collections!
  • Please be open-eyed and critical if anyone writes to you in private messages in the Discord app! Scammers are everywhere!
  • Always use the links for the CryptoMemories NFT collection shared on our webpage or our Discord.
  • Only invest money in crypto and NFT-s what you are not afraid to lose!
  • Neither CryptoMemories nor anyone else is responsible for your actions. Everyone manages their own money and wallet, you are the only one responsible for your decisions.
  • The shared contents on our server reflect the views of individuals, cannot be considered as investment advice.
  • Never share your seed phrase with anyone! Our team will never ask for any information about your private key.
  • Please note that all of the announcements are done on our announcements channel or our social media profiles. Never in DMs!
  • No spam and self-promotion without permission from a staff member is allowed on our server. (Server invites, advertisements, DM spamming, etc.)
  • No server invites are allowed in our Discord. You can show pictures from your NFT-s in the show-your-nft channel
  • No toxic behavior is tolerated in our group.
  • Please use the appropriate channels, check channel descriptions for help.
  • No stupid question in our group! Please feel free to ask if something is not clear for you!
  • Please respect the views and opinions of others If you notice something against the rules let us know.
  • Please do not use our server as a marketing campaign. If you would like to promote some of your content, ask permission from our team in advance.

Violating these rules will result in warnings. Continued violations will result in a ban.